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Northern Spirit makes dreams come true for sick children

Northern Spirit makes dreams come true for sick children

"My family and I went to Itxassou in the Basque Country from 19 to 26 August. It was a superb holiday. I wanted to discover this region for a long time. I'd like to thank you for offering us this holiday. It was great to get together, spend time together on holiday and take our minds off the hospital". These are the words of young Clément, who was able to go on holiday to the South West of France thanks to Aladin. Like him, there are nearly a hundred other people who have made their dream come true or gone on holiday thanks to the Bordeaux-based association.

At Northern Spirit, we appreciate Aladin's initiative. We want to support them in the same way that Daniel Chaffey and the entire French Throwdown team do every year, by donating the funds from their auction to the Bordeaux-based charity to help make the dreams of seriously ill children come true.

To give these children the best Christmas presents and bring a little sunshine into their daily lives, we are putting the FTD 2022 and 2023 collections up for sale at the single price of 10 euros. With each purchase, 1 euro will be donated to the Aladin association.

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Created in 1991 by the nursing staff of the Bordeaux University Hospital for Children, the Aladin association makes 60 children's dreams come true every year. Whether it's a day at the amusement park, a visit to the zoo, a chance to meet artists or athletes, tickets to concerts or sporting events, the children live out their dreams as a family.

Aladin also organizes family vacations for these children, as was the case for Clément in the Basque country. But that's not all: Aladin helps to make hospital stays less difficult for these young patients, by decorating waiting rooms and equipping hospital wards with children's games.

We're proud to be working alongside Aladin to provide these sick children with enchanted moments.

To access the FTD collection and take part in the solidarity sale, click here.