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Northern Spirit: 2023 version (3' read)

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What are the Golden Trades? Why are we reducing the price of some collections?

We must give you an explanation, so here it is.

We took some decisions to create a revival.

You saw it, we have had a “Golden Trades” tab on our website for a little while where you can find products at a reduced price. Yet, since our beginning, we always said that we would never propose discounts… So why did we make the rare decision to reduce prices?

It’s really important to highlight that we still fight against overconsumption, HOWEVER, we had to make a choice.

What is that choice?

Before explaining it, we need to distinguish the difference between overconsumption and overproduction. Even if they’re linked, there are many ecological conflicts on both sides…

Unfortunately, the overconsumption report announced that nowadays, 80% of our planet resources are consumed by only 20% of the population (can you realize?).

Also, since 2000, clothes’ production doubled worldwide. A Greenpeace report from 2016 revealed that two thirds of French people bought at least one piece of clothing they never wore.

Overproduction is a real ecological and societal issue which raises questions. It makes us question the choices we made and where we’re going…

2023 is coming fast. To continuously outperform, we also made new resolutions.

We have talked about a decision from the beginning, what is it?

We want to be the most transparent with you, because for us overproduction is a burden.

To sum up in a few words:

  • There are too many clothes on Earth
  • Producing clothes consumes energy and natural resources that are becoming rarer
  • There is too much waste of raw materials and human resources for products that won’t be sold

Our philosophy evolves at the same time as our planet and its inhabitants.

What about you? Do you know how much an unsold stocked product costs?

Let’s be honest. A t-shirt cost us between 2 and 3 euros to stock (each!). A 2 euros coin doesn’t seem huge to you but imagine when it is multiplied by thousands…

You may start to understand what we want to say…

Our challenge is to limit overproduction in order to, at the end, not having stocks anymore and produce your clothes on request: by the way, we released a great article about pre-order.

An eco-friendly project, thanks to you.

You may not know this but our products are 100% produced in Europe:

  • Designed in France
  • Produced in Portugal
  • With Portuguese and Italian fabrics

Moreover, our products are made out of recycled and recyclable fabrics that are developed by us!

To stick to our engagements and evolve towards a new ecosystem, we need you.

Pre-order is vital for this evolution and marks the beginning of this revival.

We have made the decision to let go of our products in order to be free of this ecological burden.

That’s the reason why we simplify things for you by proposing (awesome) products at reduced prices.

We have lived a great and long story with them, now it’s time you write yours.

Enjoy here our Golden Trades!

Thanks for your understanding,

The Northern Spirit’s Team