Stay True. Made in the Gym. Designed for the World

Northern Spirit presents its complete team at their stand at the French Throwdown. The NS team is dressed in SMURF and BAGGY TOP tees in Vignetto and Lavender Rose colors.


At Northern Spirit, we believe that cross-training is beneficial for health, and we advocate for its virtues.

Discovery and Inspiration

Our story begins in the 2010s in Sweden.

Joakim Loveng watches a documentary about a previously unknown sport to him: functional training. He discovers athletes rowing, running, lifting weights, and praising the benefits of this sport. The love at first sight is immediate, or almost.

Discovering Cross-Training: A Personal Revelation.

He is drawn to this combination of weightlifting, endurance, and gymnastics exercises performed at high intensity. Above all, he feels deeply the sense of community that permeates the practitioners in their effort.

"Everyone performs the movements according to their abilities" he stated in June 2023, during his visit to France for the 10th edition of the French Throwdown. "I liken cross-training to golf: there are handicaps and different levels, but everyone can play on the same field, without unhealthy comparison or competitive spirit. I immediately wanted to be part of this community and to contribute something to it".

From Vision to Reality: The Birth of Northern Spirit

Building on his experience in the textile industry, Niklas Carlson founded Northern Spirit in 2013. The first clothing collections were launched, and our brand expanded, establishing itself in an emerging market. It quickly became a leader in the functional training world, sponsoring athletes and organizing large gatherings of practitioners across Europe, notably in France.

Acquisition by BeSport Group and Establishment in France

New Era for Northern Spirit

In order to continue its development and growth, Northern Spirit was acquired by the BeSport group in 2020. The offices were relocated to France, in Vaulx-en-Velin, a suburb of Lyon.

Northern Spirit: Elevating Cross-Training Culture

  • Crafting Excellence at Northern Spirit

    At Northern Spirit, we're bolstering our creative teams with stylists, pattern makers, and designers who conceptualize and craft our clothing and accessory collections. Research and development are central to our work, as our greatest ambition is to offer our community technically advanced and durable garments perfectly suited for cross-training. All our products are meticulously designed to meet the demands of high-intensity workouts, with a keen eye for style, of course.

  • Vision and Inspiration

    But our mission extends beyond providing our community with training essentials like t-shirts, leggings, sports bras, or shorts. At Northern Spirit, we firmly believe in the health benefits of cross-training, and we advocate for its virtues. This belief drives our daily work on the BSKN project, which we invite you to explore further here.

Northern Spirit: Forging the Future of Fitness Together

We envision our future alongside you, within a community of practitioners that continues to grow and thrive while training in our apparel, which we hope will continue to captivate you more than ever.