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Many thanks for your commitment to the Aladin association

Photo Romain Lalanne

As the main sponsor of the event, Northern Spirit wanted to get involved with the French Throwdown to support the work of the Aladin association, which makes dreams come true for seriously sick children. To this end, we launched a solidarity sale of the FTD 2022 and 2023 collections at 10 euros, with 1 euro donated to the Bordeaux-based association with each purchase.

Many of you took part in this operation, for which we sincerely thank you.

On Wednesday December 27, our Sales and Marketing Director, François Sarigiannis, was present at CrossFit® Louvre 2 with Daniel Chaffey and Jordane Ceriani, organizers of the French Throwdown, to hand over the funds raised to the Aladin association.

It's a great source of pride to see the cross-training community get involved alongside us in actions aimed at making the daily lives of sick children better.