Stay True. Made in the Gym. Designed for the World

LIMITED EDITION BSKN MILITARY PATCHWORK - 4 athletes dressed in the regular sweatshirt and the oversized t-shirt.



A regular sweatshirt in 3 colors
& an oversized tee in a single color.
Ideal for lifestyle.


Only 50 pieces.

BSKN mindset


Introducing our fourth and final BSKN capsule collection.
Embodying the essence of our identity, this lifestyle capsule draws inspiration from the iconic badges of the American military, seamlessly blended with a distinctive streetwear edge.

Each piece symbolizes our unwavering commitment to discipline and staying on the right path, not just within the realm of sports but throughout life.

Join us in celebrating this fusion of military precision and Streetwear, reflecting our dedication to focus, health, and the pursuit of a disciplined lifestyle.

Trough sports, we discover a sense of community, discipline, motivation and an environment that supports our commitment to our values and life's path. Sport helps us maintain focus, stay on track, and pursue our goals without deviation. It transcends physical activity, playing a pivotal role in personal development, determination, and the pursuit of life's objectives. The north is a landmark, a patch to follow or an ideal to strive for.

Northern Spirit